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Do you want to change your lifestyle and see positive improvements in the way you look, feel and function on a daily basis? Are you struggling with weight after lock downs, have type 2 diabetes or just want to improve your bodies waist-line for better health and wellbeing. The Body Hustle method can help you.

Body Hustle founder Nicola can provide metabolism boosting, healthy eating programs unique to your lifestyle and requirements. She can advise and support you with sustainable, healthy eating habits to live by, improving your relationship with food whilst aiding significant weight loss.

Not only will you see improvements in your weight but also feeling better in yourself, reduced bloating, brighter, clearer complexion, improved sleep and a generally better state of mind and feeling of wellbeing. Start your Body Hustle journey and see how good you can feel.


One of the most standout things to me is what an amazing women Nicola is, authentic, professional and goes out of her way to be helpful at all times. This is the first food plan that I actually just want to stick to of my own volition because the results speak for themselves and I feel healthier. Read more


I've only been following Nicola's plan for a few weeks but she has totally changed my perspective. I've already seen my waistline slim down and my weight drop, and I'm feeling much healthier and more in control of what I eat. She has a flexible and realistic approach and tailors your plan to suit you. Read more


When I met Nicola I knew something was different. Her understanding of my thyroid condition was second to none and I knew she had genuine sympathy for me and wanted to help. Nicola’s programs are not only sustainable they are easy to follow, manageable and realistic. My relationship and attitude to food has totally changed with Nicola’s support... Read more


Through referral I met Nicola who immediately put my mind at rest and ofered me the support I needed. Through a delishous but controlled diet program that Nicola created for me I saw the weight drop off. My concerns that it would pile back on quickly if i have a treat day were short lived when I stepped onto the scales and saw no change! I couldnt believe it. Read more

What's the hustle?

Eating correctly in order to reach your goals doesn't have to be stressful or challenging. By simply combining portion control and correct food types you will create a winning result, with a method you can sustain and live by for years to come. No fad diets here!

Make yourself accountable for your own actions towards yourself in order to reach your goals. Creating a healthy sustainable habit requires us to dig deep within ourselves and give ourselves a proverbial kick when we need it. From this we will be able to maintain positive healthy patterns and maintain your desired goals.

Joy brings happiness and gives our happy hormone a boost. On Nicola's method you will still be able to enjoy the delights that bring you joy, even if they are on the naughty list! It is absolutely essential you indulge but with full control, which you will learn how to tap into using Nicola's toolbox.